Where We Are?


The lush forested district situated in north Kerala at a height of 700-1200 mtrs above from the sea level. The rich belt of greenery outlying the edges with Mudumalai, Tamilnadu and Bandhipur, Karnataka. This environmental altitude helps its fertile soil wet in any seasons. Most of the spice crops are grown in the district includes coffee, tea, cardamom, paddy, banana, pepper, ginger etc. The farmland always compromise with rainfall which helps the routine farming strategy in a higher level of support. Wayanad has a population of 8 lakhs and the population density is 990 per sq mi. The district is famous for its unique heritage in water and hills, lush forests, tribes and natural resources.

The Hub of Coffee and Spices

The high altitude district is commonly called as the hub of coffee and spices which is wealthy in its ecological figure suites for perennial plantations and spices. The major crops are coffee, tea, pepper, ginger, cocoa, cashew, cardamom and rubber. The major plantation crops have the perfect soil composition for the cultivation. The Farmers categorized the farming system according to climate variation. Coconut, tea and rubber, along with a dash of vanilla, are among the other popular crops seen here.