Focusing on organic agriculture with comprehensive and purposeful development of farmers in multiple regions in South India.

Perfetto Naturals has been at the forefront of responsible research and accountable development. The company identifies itself as a companion of farmers, ensuring their protection and upliftment, and safeguarding their interests financially. We offer them experiential programmes with technical certifications on agriculture basics, farm control, fertility & yield, organic regulations, pest, disease & weed management, etc. At present, a total of 6035 farmers have been enrolled for these internationally recognised certification programmes under the categories of Organic (NPOP, NOP, EU), UTZ, RainForest  Alliance and Fair Trade.



EU Certified

NPOP (National programme for organic production)

NOP (National Organic Program)

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LD Coffee (Louis Dreyfus Company)

CCL (Continental Coffee Limited)

Our Story

Perfetto Naturals is one of India’s leading names in the organic food industry. Hailing from the Wayanad region in Kerala, the company relies on its widespread network of farmers for production, processing and export of international-grade organic products.