Perfetto Naturals is one of India’s leading names in the organic food industry. Hailing from the Wayanad region in Kerala, the company relies on its widespread network of farmers for production, processing and export of international-grade organic products.

100% Organic
7000 Strong Farmer Community
3 SDG Goals Oriented
6000 hectares of Farmland

Company Goals & Objectives

Perfetto Naturals focuses on a reliable, 100% natural product line through organic farming and customer-oriented initiatives. The company was established with the idea of facilitating employment generation, value addition in food products, sustainable agriculture and farming methodologies. By offering technical and scientific assistance to farmers, we boost agricultural productivity in rain-fed areas like Wayanad. At the same time, we grow towards greener fields and goodness in the certified organic products industry, by ensuring safe, healthy and quality food for all.


A sustainable living system upholding the social, economical and environmental values and principles.


Our long-term objectives are aimed at generating direct and indirect employment for farmers with intellectual stimulation and proper remuneration. A fair price to farmers has always been the motto of the company, which, in turn, provides effective community participation. With technological intervention, we also hope to maximise value-addition and facilitate post-harvesting operation & management.

Our Factories

Our industrial units and mechanised plants are manyfold. The company operates individual and fully automated processing factories such as coffee processing & roasting plants, cleaning-grading unit for black pepper and seed spices, cold storage with ginger washing facility, frozen cold storage & ripening chambers and a Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) system.

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Cold Storage, Frozen Cold Storage & Ripening Chambers

A total of 250MT capacity cold storage.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction System

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is a high-pressure extraction method in which a mixture of solutes is separated from a solid matrix by bringing it into contact with a fluid in the supercritical state. A supercritical fluid has very particular and unique characteristics which enable its use as an efficient extraction solvent.

The SFE system at Perfetto Naturals uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as the supercritical fluid. Research has already demonstrated that SFE is a technically feasible process that may also be commercially competitive in terms of economic viability. Although SFE is commercially carried out in several countries, it is still considered an emerging technology. This emerging status remains associated with SFE because conventional low-pressure extraction methods remain the most frequently used extraction techniques, primarily due to the low cost of investment required for installing a low-pressure industrial plant.

The following are the major components of the SFE system –

  • 3 x Extractors of 300 litres
  • 2 x Separators of 90 litres
  • CO2 Pressurising System
  • CO2 Storage Vessels
  • Process Heat Exchangers
  • CO2 Condenser
  • Cryogenic Grinding System
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Our Sustainability & Traceability

Perfetto Naturals is on a mission for unbounded innovative growth in organic agriculture that would ensure an expansive yet efficient community of farmers and customers. Our duty lies in proactively restoring, improving, sustaining and promoting the principles and practices of organic farming. We imagine a future that provides improved living standards for small and fringe farmers through sustainable trade practices. This would include human, social and technological development in all stages of production, processing, exchange and consumption of all our farm products.

With web-based traceability systems and IT-enabled monitoring systems, the supply chain at Perfetto Naturals is integrated as a single platform that can provide accurate data on a product or ingredient. The company is registered under several certification programmes such as NPOP, RA, UTZ and FT. These ensure the maintenance of precise records pertaining to  farms, farmers, processors as well as traders. There is also stringent onsite verification by these governing bodies to authorise whole processes like farming, warehousing, manufacturing, packing and trading.

Future Plans

The future at Perfetto Naturals is positioned on creating a brand new label of quality ensured ready-to-eat food. Our proposed facilities of a ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat foods processing unit will provide a pathway for accelerating the brand into identified markets. In addition to this, our intended project of establishing units for spices steam sterilisation & grinding and solvent extraction would be greatly beneficial in furthering the company as a world leader in organic products .

Our Products

100% natural products that are committed to the environment and socio-economic growth of the local farming community.