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Conscious Organics that offer

freshness, flavour and hope.

For us, it’s always farmers first and an environment that’s sound. We cultivate and produce fully natural products from the bountiful hills of South India, all with the help of our family of dedicated agriculturalists.

Story Of Perfetto With Wayanad

All our products are grown and sourced from in and around Wayanad, one of the greenest belts in the Western Ghats. Wayanad belongs to the southernmost state of Kerala and is situated at a height of 1200m above sea level. Being a hub for coffee and spices, we decided to embark on our journey starting from this vastly rich region. Gaining the trust of the local community and contributing to conservation of the forestland, Perfetto Naturals bridged the long-standing gap between farmers and traders. Today, the company delivers an extensive range of certified organic products to markets in India and across the globe.

Organic Products
Environmental Commitment
Sustainability through Social, Economic and Technological Development
Farmer Community Welfare
100% seed-to-cup Traceability

Our Products

100% natural products that are committed to the environment and socio-economic growth of the local farming community.

Oils & Oleoresins

Our Story

Perfetto Naturals is one of India’s leading names in the organic food industry. Hailing from the Wayanad region in Kerala, the company relies on its widespread network of farmers for production, processing and export of organic products with certified international standards. Perfetto Naturals is also recognised and associated with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India.


A total of 6035 farmers have been enrolled for internationally recognised certification programmes under the categories of Organic (NPOP, NOP, EU), UTZ, RainForest Alliance and Fair Trade.



Popular Products

Browse through some of our best-selling products. These are all sourced from farmers enrolled in the organic certification programme under EU regulations and obtained through indigenous processes to preserve freshness and flavour.

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