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Black Pepper Crushed

Product obtained by grinding Steam sterilised black pepper and screening to obtain particle size of 10 to 60 mesh

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Botanical Name – Piper nigrum L.

Appearance – Crushed Pepper with a crunchier texture

Colour – Dark brown to black

Origin of Raw Material – Kerala, India

Method of Sterilization – Steam sterilization

Protein 10.5 g
Carbohydrates 70.5 g
Sugar 0.56 g
Fat 5.90 g
Saturated Fat 1.52 g
Trans Fat Nil
Cholesterol Nil
Iron 1.64 mg
Calcium 262 mg
Sodium 38.4 mg
Potassium 847 mg
Vitamin A Nil
Vitamin C 48 mg
Vitamin D Nil
Composition 100%  Pepper
Colours and Flavours NA
Adulteration NA
Additives NA
Colorants NA
Preservatives NA
Derivatives from GMO NA
Irradiation NA
Fumigation NA
Pesticides NA
Shelf Life Shelf life of 24 months if stored at the below storage conditions
Storage Condition Store in clean, dry conditions, avoiding heat and direct sunlight
Storage Temperature Temperature should not exceed 32ºC
Moisture content (%) max. 10
Organic Extraneous Matter (%) max.
Inorganic Extraneous Matter (%) max. 0.5
Damaged, Discolored & Infested (%) max. 1
Immature & Shriveled (%) max. 2
Other crop seeds (%) max. 1
Total Ash on dry basis (%) max. 11
Ash insoluble on dry basis (%) max. 1.5
Volatile Oil on dry basis (%)(v/w) min. 2
Granulation 10 mesh to 60 mesh
Foreign Matter Absent
Aroma Typical aromatic, Spicy
Flavour Hot biting and very pungent
Sensory properties Free from off-odour and off-flavour
Total viable count < 100,000 CFU/g
E.Coli < 10 CFU/g
Salmonella Absent in 25g
Yeast and Mould < 100 CFU/g
Peanuts and its Oil No
Tree Nuts and its Derivatives No
Sesame and Sesame Products No
Cereals Containing Gluten No
Wheat and Wheat Products No
Soybeans and Soy Products No
Milk and Milk Products No
Lactose No
Eggs and Egg Derivatives No
Fish and Fish Products No
Crustaceans / Shellfish No
Molluscs No
Mustard and Mustard Products No
SO2 and Sulphites No
Celery and Celery Products No
Lupins No
Suitable for Coeliacs Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians Yes
Suitable for Vegans Yes